Screen-time Is Making Kids Moody, Crazy and Lazy

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Screen-time disrupts the body clock since the light mimics daylight. It desensitizes the brains reward system due to the excess of dopamine that is released. It also overloads the sensory system and induces stress reactions.
The lack of physical activity because of too much screen-time reduces a child’s exposure to nature’s natural mood enhancers. All of this causes mood dysregulation. Either the child is hyped up and prone to rage or is depressed and apathetic. The author of the article Dr. Victoria Dunckley recommends a electronics fast for kids suffering from mood dysregulation. This allows the nervous system to reset. Leading to a reduction in the need for medication, improves sleep and focus, and promotes physical activity.
After the fast the parents decide if and how much electronics can be reintroduced without the symptoms returning.